Miguel Rodríguez-Triana Carballal




  • Apt. 210 Cathedral Court,
  • New Street South 48, Dublin 8
  • mcarballal@riotgames.com
  • +353 85 856 1222


Flexible schedule. Highly motivated to expand knowledge and skills. Good listener, creative and imaginative when solving problems. Rapid absorption and assimilation of new technologies. Tolerant and flexible to different situations. Proven ability to analyze and solve hardware and software issues. Friendly and collaborative with clients and coworkers. Good personal communication skills.



Colegio San José, Lugo
Cientific-Tecnologic Baccalaureate


IES Muralla Romana, Lugo
Advanced Expert in Computer Systems Management

  • Implementing and managing computer systems in single-user and multi-user environments
  • Implementing and managing local area networks and managing the connection of
    the system to wide area networks
  • Implementing and facilitating the use of general-purpose software packages and specific applications
  • Propose and coordinate changes to improve the operation of the system and the applications


Universidad de La Coruña, La Coruña
Technical Engineering in Computer Systems (Unfinished, I had to quit due to personal problems)



Magic The Gathering Website
Senior Web Admnistrator

  • Posting news and updates on the site
  • Forum moderation
  • Every maintenance work in a PhP-Nuke environment with the “Fantastic Script” for server management


Riot Games, Dublin
Player Support Specialist

  • Helping players with their issues and concerns through a ticket based system
  • Follow every issue until resolution, raising awareness and concern over it when needed
  • Explore and find new approaches or ways to improve Player experience
  • Update the Player Support Knowledge Base and identify ways to improve our
    self-help options
  • Localize every new macro created and suggest new ones according to the frequency of the issues or the language needs



  • English [Fluent]
  • Spanish [Native]
  • Galician [Native]

Programming Languages

  • HTML & PHP [Basic]
  • C++ [Medium]
  • SQL [Medium]

Other Skills

  • Familiar with web administration in Php-nuke environments
  • Medium knowledge of Networks interfaces and systems
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